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The Importance of Workplace Accommodations for Individuals with ASD

Posted on 08/23/19 in Employment by Molly D. Dann-Pipinias

I am very lucky to work in an environment that understands autism, but it always wasn’t that way. Having an invisible disability can make working very difficult. People expect you to always live up to... read more

How I Maintain a Successful Relationship With My Children's Tutor

Posted on 08/17/19 in Parent and Caregiver by Nicole Crews

As a parents of twins on the autism spectrum, it is important that my family has the necessary supports at home to address our children’s needs. My husband and I tried to do it all... read more

Ask the Expert - 6 Tips to Prevent Wandering for Children on the Autism Spectrum

Posted on 08/14/19 in Safety by Holly Reimann

“I was literally gone for five minutes.” And, in that time, her child on the spectrum wandered off. Children on the autism spectrum have a beautiful and complex thought process. Although they don’t always communicate with words... read more

Ask the Expert - Supporting Siblings in a Special Needs Family

Posted on 08/07/19 in Health by Beth Mishkind Roth

Siblings are often described as built-in best friends, confidants, and secret keepers; but they can also easily be labeled button pushers, enemies, and annoying. Bickering with your sibling is commonly thought of as practice for... read more

Straight from the Source - Why Stimming is an Essential Part of My Life With Autism

Posted on 08/01/19 in Advocacy by Nera Birch

Stimming is a big part of my life. It is something I do every day all day. It is also something that I’ve had a love-hate relationship. On the one (flapping) hand, it is a... read more

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