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Ask the Expert - Making the Positive Possible After High School

Posted on 10/29/18 in Transition to Adulthood by Milestones

Making the move from high school to adulthood is a complicated and emotional experience for anyone, but it can be even more so for people with autism and other developmental disabilities. The focus, though, should... read more

Strategies for Youth and Adults to Successfully Transition from High School to College

Posted on 10/29/18 in Transition to Adulthood by Milestones

Knowing the best time to prepare your child or young adult for the world beyond high school is tough. However, it is my hope that by implementing the three strategies outlined below, you and your... read more

Straight from the Source- How I Excelled in College as an Individual with ASD

Posted on 10/29/18 in Transition to Adulthood by Milestones

College can be a major part of adult life for some people on the autism spectrum, I know it was for me. At college, you have a lot more freedom to make choices that can... read more

Ask the Expert - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 101

Posted on 09/24/18 in Therapy by Kimberly Burkhart

It is not uncommon that a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is accompanied by the presence of another mental health disorder. Most often, a comorbid diagnosis of an anxiety disorder or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)... read more

Ask the Expert: Heather Dukes-Murray, PhD: Anxiety, Autism and Interventions

Posted on 09/24/18 in School by Milestones

Anxiety, Autism, and Interventions: Playing to One’s Strengths and SupportsAnxiety can be a part of daily life for many individuals with autism. Rates of clinically significant comorbid anxiety in autism have varied widely, with some... read more

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