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2020 Milestones Annual Report

Posted on 05/08/21 in About Us

Looking back on 2020, there are many words that come to mind: "Unprecedented""Isolation""Crisis" One word that may not make the cut for most, but has been a theme for the Milestones team is "opportunity." With the COVID-19... read more

Nothing About Us, Without Us: Playing a Part in the Neurodiversity Revolution

Posted on 03/30/21 in Advocacy by Nera Birch

Being proud to be autistic is a relatively new concept for me. I was taught all my life that my autism was something I needed to hide, to be ashamed of. I was forced to... read more

Engaging in Political Discussions: Tips for Individuals with ASD

Posted on 01/27/21 in Relationships and Social Skills by Nathan Morgan, MSSA, LSW

Coming off a heated election cycle and with unrest in the U.S. Capitol, I’ve found myself fielding a lot of questions from self-advocates regarding how to engage in respectful and meaningful political discussions. The following... read more

Talking with Children & Adults With ASD About the D.C. Riots

Posted on 01/11/21 in Parent and Caregiver by Beth Thompson, MSSA, LSW

The recent riots in Washington, D.C. were a horrifying display of disrespect and division. The hateful speech and shocking footage continuing to come out of the Capitol has left many of us struggling to process... read more

Fighting Cabin Fever: Fun & Affordable Indoor Activities for the Kids

Posted on 12/11/20 in Parent and Caregiver by Estee Ezinski

There was a time when winter break was filled with squeezing in as much fun as possible while everyone was home from school. Since we’ve all been home since March, my list of fun ideas... read more

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