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Tool Kits

Tool Kits are a great way to to assist with your personal planning and navigation of common challenges, and have been developed in response to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Milestones Autism Resources develops Tool Kits in response to some of our most frequently asked questions. Tool Kits are a great way to pinpoint more detailed answers and additional suggested resources, and have been developed to assist with your personal planning and navigation of common challenges on the following topics:


Adult Diagnosis Tool Kit

There's been a surge in adults questioning whether they should pursue a formal assessment and diagnosis for Autism Spectrum Disorder. This kit will help guide these adults.

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Afterschool Activities & Independent Leisure Skills Tool Kit

Extracurricular activities can be key in helping your child learn important life skills while having fun doing an activity he or she enjoys.

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Camp, Social & Recreation Tool Kit

Summer camp is an important activity for autistic children and a great opportunity to generalize skills learned in other settings.

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First Diagnosis Tool Kit

This kit is designed to take you through the steps of first diagnosis, from concern about your child’s development through knowing what to do if you receive a diagnosis of autism.

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Getting Help From the Ohio DoDD Tool Kit

This tool kit offers a step-by-step process for contacting and getting connected with your local county board through the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.

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Guardianship Tool Kit

Navigating the process of establishing guardianship requires a thorough understanding of the process. This tool kit is a tutorial that was written with the help of Ohio attorneys.

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Homework Tool Kit

This tool kit will offer tips for homework success, and defines the importance of a parent or caregiver's role in teaching good study habits.

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Legal Resources Tool Kit

Families often ask us questions about legal matters or situations that require legal attention. This tool kit was developed with help from special needs attorneys to answer some common questions.

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Mental Health Tool Kit

This tool kit provides an overview of mental health services available for individuals with ASD as well as professional roles and forms of therapies.

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Post-Secondary/College Tool Kit

Choosing a college or other postsecondary schooling option and preparing for the transition that will pave the way to success.

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School Tool Kit

This tool kit will answer some of the many school-related questions we get at Milestones, including questions about IEPs, handling problems with a school district, and dealing with summer regression.

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Sleep Tool Kit

Understanding the autistic brain and how autistic people are wired plays a key role in solving sleep issues. This tool kit helps explain different ways to assist with sleep problems.

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Travel Tips Tool Kit

Preparing for travel away from home, whether vacation or obligation, can be stressful for caregivers and families. Use this guide to help make the journey smoother and more enjoyable.

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Toilet Training Tool Kit

This tool kit is designed to take you through the steps of preparing and planning toilet training for a child with special needs.

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Visual Supports Tool Kit

Visual supports are a great tool for autistic people of all ages. This tool kit will define a variety of supports and how they can be used to help increase communication, along with other benefits.

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If you have questions about our Tool Kits, please contact our Helpdesk at 216.464.7600, email help@milestones.org, or complete our intake form.

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