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5 Ways to Enjoy Halloween During the Pandemic

Posted on 10/14/20 in Social and Recreation by Milestones

Despite all of its faults, 2020 has done a wonderful job of making us get creative in how we approach our normal family traditions, interactions and activities. This Halloween, consider some fun alternative ways to... read more

Ask the Expert - Looking for Summer Camp Funding? CCBDD Can Help

Posted on 01/29/19 in Social and Recreation by Lori Mago

The Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities (CCBDD) believes that everyone can benefit from a vacation away from home, opportunities to meet new people and to learn new skills, especially during the summer. While CCBDD... read more

The World Revolves Around Good Communication Skills - Dr. William Lane

Posted on 07/27/18 in Social and Recreation by Milestones

How can one practice better face-to-face communication? In today's world of communication technologies, that question is something we should all be asking ourselves, whether we are on the autism spectrum or not. As the world continues... read more

Straight From the Source - Response to New York Times Article About Meeting Autistic People Halfway

Posted on 07/27/18 in Social and Recreation by Milestones

While reading the article “How to Meet Autistic People Halfway” from the New York Times, I was impressed by how accurate its portrayal of the social issues autistic people have was, as I have faced... read more

Awareness After April - What You Can Do For the Autism Community Year-Round

Posted on 03/30/18 in Social and Recreation by Milestones

Autism Awareness Month is a great time to educate yourself about autism, spread awareness, and to support those impacted by autism. However, these efforts do not have to end when April does, and can still... read more

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