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Voting With A Disability Just Got Easier in Ohio

Posted on 04/03/20 in News by Milestones

Milestones Autism Resources was recently honored to assist in the creation of two educational videos from All Voting Is Local, featuring talent David McKee, that inform voters about the new remote ballot marking system. For... read more

Seeking Mental Health Care During the Shutdown

Posted on 04/01/20 in Health by Milestones

Mandatory stay-at-home orders have made accessing our normal supports challenging for many families. Many supports, such as mental health care, are crucial during this time, and it is important to have a plan in place... read more

My Special Needs Parent Coronavirus Survival Guide

Posted on 03/24/20 in Parent and Caregiver by Estee Ezinski

One of my greatest accomplishments as a parent of a child on the spectrum has been my ability to prepare. I prepare to be able to prepare based on what my child’s needs are. I... read more

Coping with COVID-19: For Self Advocates

Posted on 03/24/20 in Health by Nathan Morgan, MSSA, LSW

COVID-19 has probably had an impact on your life, whether it is that your favorite restaurant or hangout has closed, preferred foods are disappearing from store shelves, or you are feeling an increase in anxiety.... read more

Managing Behaviors at Home During the Virus Pandemic

Posted on 03/24/20 in Challenging Behaviors by Rachel Avner Torrance, M.Ed, BCBA, COBA

If your child receives ABA, it’s fairly likely their ABA service hours look vastly different today than they did days or weeks ago. They may not be accessing ABA in the typical school environment. They... read more

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