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Milestones Celebrates Autism Appreciation Month

Posted on 04/03/23 in Advocacy

April has a long history of significance in the autism community as a month to focus on autism awareness and acceptance. Milestones Autism Resources is taking this recognition one step further, in a greater act of inclusion and appreciation of the value autistic individuals bring to our society. That is why Milestones is proud to recognize the month of April as Autism Appreciation Month.

May we all take time this month to truly appreciate the unique perspectives, accomplishments, and contributions autistic individuals bring to our communities and our lives, each and every day.

Why Does Appreciation Matter?

Here is some insight from our autistic staff, committee, and board members:

“If Awareness means you know I'm here, and Acceptance means you're happy to see me, then Appreciation means you invited me in.” ~ Christa Mullis - Milestones Training Coordinator

“Autism appreciation is about finally recognizing so much of what the autistic experience is, without making autistic people feel othered. Appreciation celebrates autistic joy, strength, resiliency, community, the spirit of disability justice, and so many facets of autistic life that often go ignored. Appreciation not just gives us a seat at the table, but allows us to create something better that is more inclusive and accessible for everyone - not despite our differences, but because of them.” ~ Haley Moss, Esq - Milestones Executive Conference Committee Member, Neurodiversity Expert, & Autistic Attorney

“By transitioning to a framework of appreciation, we can truly begin to work on the goals of integration and accessibility. The word ‘appreciation’ reminds us to consider the inherent value of autistic people. However, it also reminds us to appreciate the unique struggles autistic people endure living in a society where things are not always accessible to us.” ~ Nathan Morgan - Milestones Program Manager

“In order to treat each other with dignity and respect, we must start with appreciation. Acceptance is not enough.” ~ Raesin Caine, MS - Milestones Board of Directors

“Transitioning our language from ‘Acceptance’ to ‘Appreciation’ not only honors the feedback of the autistic community, but highlights the important shift towards recognizing autism as an integral and valued neurotype. It’s one thing to ‘accept’ that my abilities are different; it’s another altogether to truly ‘appreciate’ the unique strengths (and challenges) of autism.” ~ Carly Millis Jalowiec - Milestones Education Coordinator

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