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Top 7 Things Every Parent Should Know Before Attending the Milestones Conference

Posted on 04/30/19 in Milestones Conference by Beth Thompson

Top 7 Things Every Parent Should Know Before Attending the Milestones Conference

Did you know the Milestones Conference was created by two parents? 17 years later, their original goal to educate and raise the bar for individuals with autism remains at the center of our conference and we want parents far and wide to know just how to make the most of their time with Milestones. If you just registered for the first time or are still on the fence about whether to attend, check out the following things you should know before June to make the most of your conference experience!

Know we are all about practical solutions for your day-to-day life. Milestones focuses on the practical strategies all parents and professionals need. Our staff and conference committees are composed of family members of loved ones on the spectrum, professionals with an expertise in autism and self-advocates themselves so we ensure the content of the conference is geared towards improving your daily lives.

The Milestones Conference Director is a mom herself. Our fearless Conference Director Leslie is a mother to a teenager with ASD so she brings a keen and compassionate motherly eye to the entire operation every day, making sure that all content and exhibitors represented at the conference are going to benefit you at the end of the day.

Get your education Straight from the Source! Featuring self-advocates on the autism spectrum as speakers is just one of the many things that separates the Milestones Conference from others. Whether you are a parent of an adult or a professional in the field for years, hearing from self-advocates is the best education you’ll ever receive.

It takes a village to raise a child, right? Well look no further, you have found your village! Surround yourself with the most knowledgeable professionals and passion-filled parents as you gather your own autism support network!

Know the right lingo! The top experts in every field are at the Milestones Conference and they are sharing the language parents need to know! Knowing how to ask for services is the key to getting the answers and services your loved one needs. Understand their vocab and be empowered to know to ask for services while you have them available.

Take the opportunity to Mix and Mingle with fellow parents! Discuss what you’ve learned and what you still have questions about with peers in a relaxed environment! The new Milestones Mix and Mingle, June 11 from 4:15pm-6:00pm allows parents and professionals to decompress and talk with each other about the new knowledge and possible supports they’ve gained that day.

There is no place like HOME! The H.O.M.E. (Housing Options Mixer and Exhibit) will provide parents and professionals with an overall understanding of the housing options for adults with ASD and how to access them. Join us to understand the path to your child or client living outside of their family home and what options are available. Attendees will have the chance to meet with local providers to discover appropriate placements. Adults with ASD will also have the opportunity to network and meet possible future roommates or friends.

Register now or learn more about the conference here! Have a question? Please contact Conference Assistant Libby Hill at lhill@milestones.org or 216.464.7600 ext. 106.

Beth Thompson, MSSA, LSW, oversees programmatic services for Milestones including the Helpdesk and consultation and training for businesses, providers, families and individuals. She conducts training throughout the community from hospitals to schools to places of employment. She serves on the Cuyahoga Council for Persons with Disabilities which oversees all services and programs that impact persons with disabilities in Cuyahoga County. Beth has a Masters in Social Science Administration from Case Western Reserve University. With 11 years of experience working with young adults with autism, Beth is passionate about helping teens and adults with autism fulfill their unique potential.

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