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Autism Acceptance Series Part III - My Mom Journey to Autism Acceptance and Empowerment

Posted on 04/19/19 in Advocacy by Lisa Danielpour

When my son was young I poured everything I could into helping him learn ever-evolving skills, including social communication and strategies for handling sensory issues. I focused on finding the right evidence-based approaches that worked... read more

Autism Acceptance Series Part I - Awareness vs. Advocacy

Posted on 04/17/19 in Advocacy by Mia Buchwald Gelles

Autism Awareness Month is a great way to call attention to autism in the general community, to make sure that conversations are started and that people, employers, and community members become more sensitive to the... read more

Celebrating Strengths During Autism Awareness Month

Posted on 03/25/19 in Advocacy by Nathan Morgan, MSSA, LSW

As we enter the month of April, International Autism Awareness Month, I like to reflect on how far we’ve come with understanding autism, but also how far we have left to go. The main thing... read more

Autism Acceptance Series Part II - Straight from the Source

Posted on 03/21/19 in Advocacy by Molly D. Dann-Pipinias

April is Autism Awareness Month. People will soon be dusting off their puzzle piece ribbons and holding fundraisers. Awareness is a great thing, but it’s not acceptance. Awareness to me is like putting a bandage... read more

Raising Awareness Halfway Around the World - Autism Swaziland

Posted on 04/02/17 in Advocacy by Milestones

In honor of World Autism Awareness Day, we are thrilled to highlight how an organization half way around the world is raising international acceptance and support of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Tryphinah Mvubu, Founding Director of... read more

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