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Ways to relieve anxiety from Seder for those with special needs

Posted April 06, 2017 in Articles

Traditionally, Passover Seders are long, solemn and feature many steps. Following these steps is routine, and typically, pose no problem for a family to follow. But for family members with special needs, Passover can be a confusing and stressful time. Families with loved ones who have special needs can do their part to make their Seder all-inclusive and anxiety free by just being a little more diligent during the planning process. Ilana Hoffer Skoff and Mia Buchwald Gelles, co-founders of Milestones Autism Resources in Beachwood, said it’s important to prepare and involve those special needs loved ones in that preparation. “Depending on experiences,... read more

New proposed bill aims to help Ohioans with disabilities communicate with police

Posted April 03, 2017 in Articles

An Ohio man was charged with OVI after failing a sobriety test. The catch? He wasn't drunk, he's autistic - and he's not the only example of this confusion. Now, there's a proposal to create a... read more

Milestones Autism Resources Provides Full Range of Services

Posted April 01, 2017 in Articles

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15th Annual Milestones Autism Spectrum Disorder Conference

Posted April 01, 2017 in Articles

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Milestones Autism Resources Celebrates 15th Year

Posted March 21, 2017 in Articles

Milestones Autism Resources in Beachwood is on a mission to improve the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum throughout northeast Ohio by educating, coaching, and connecting the autism community with evidence-based information. For... read more

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