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Teen/Adult Services

Milestones provides transition planning for teens, whether college-bound or pursuing employment. For adults, we can help create a plan, develop employment support and integrate into the community. 
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Teen Services - Transition Planning

Ages 14-21

Transition planning improves a teen’s life after high school. Whether the student is college-bound or is pursuing employment following graduation, Milestones can provide recommendations to help the student, family and IEP team reach their unique goals.

We offer in-depth consultations to autistic individuals and their families. Consultations help lead individuals to greater independence, increased community integration and ultimately, an improved quality of life for them and their family.

Confused with all the steps of transition planning? Our Milestones consultants will guide and support you through the process.

How We Can Help You:

  • Review the IEP, create transition-related goals and prepare for meetings.
  • Participate in transition-related meetings.
  • Get the right people in the room. Provide referrals to critical adult providers.
  • Connect you to resources for transportation and community integration.
  • Get your teenager engaged in activities outside of the house.
  • Find strategies for challenging behaviors and emotional struggles, including referral to appropriate behavioral or mental health agencies.
  • Learn about residential services and supports.
  • Prepare and plan for college.
  • Explore internship and employment options and supports to increase success.

Adult Services to Meet Your Needs

Ages 22+

Beyond the transition years, we offer assistance to families and individuals to build an adult team, create a plan, develop employment support and integrate into the community. Our consultations are tailored to an individual or family’s needs.

How We Can Help You:

  • Access resources for housing and daily living skills development.
  • Evaluate employment services.
  • Build relationships and find social opportunities.
  • Get referrals to appropriate behavioral or mental health agencies.
  • Learn about systems and services available to older adults.
  • Get services paid through government funding (county board of developmental disabilities, vocational rehabilitation services, waiver services).

Our Coaching Approach

Autism-specific education and evidence-based learning strategies make a difference. You don’t have to do this alone.

We believe in a collaborative approach. You and your consultant will work together to make a plan to help you meet your goals. In between sessions, you will take next steps with our consultant checking on your progress and providing coaching. We also engage schools, agencies and other resources that can assist you.

Our consultation services include:

  • Introduction and the Plan: Assessment to discuss your concerns and desires and decide on priorities. Recommendations and guidance on next steps
  • Ongoing Support: Problem solving to meet your goals

We can offer:

  • Independent observation of your teen in their workplace to see what is really happening.
  • Participation in your Individualized Education Program (IEP), Individual Service Plan (ISP) or Individual Plan for Employment (IPE) team meetings, vocational planning meetings.

Meetings can be conducted through video conferencing if appropriate/convenient for the client.


This is a fee-based service. Sliding fee scale is available for families and individuals who receive government benefits and meet the criteria for low-income.

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Examples of How We Help

  • Milestones staff helped a young adult in college structure his educational and practical experiences to provide him with community-based work experiences prior to graduation. The youth is now a college senior and pursuing a degree in public health.
  • Milestones worked with a school to help develop possible jobs post-graduation for a nonverbal autistic student. Milestones staff developed appropriate supports for employment and a job site the student transitioned into during his last months of high school. This enabled the high school transition staff to be present to support the youth. The young adult has maintained his job for two years and functions nearly independently in his work site.
  • A young adult was struggling to master daily living skills, thereby hindering him from moving into supported housing. Milestones connected him to a community agency that provided continuous support to master the identified goals developed with his family and Milestones staff. He is thriving in a supported apartment setting.
  • A family with two high school-aged children were struggling to create comprehensive transition plans that addressed their varying needs. Their Milestones consultant worked to develop plans that meet the needs and emphasized the strengths of both students. Both students graduated successfully and separately entered into a day program and a college. The family is happy both of their children received the appropriate planning and supports to be engaged in appropriate programs.     

Meet our Knowledgeable Team

Our team is here for you with a background in behavioral intervention and social work.



Bradley Wynner, NADD-DDS
Director of Education

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Nathan Morgan, MSSA, LSW
Director of Autistic Supports


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Helpdesk Director


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Helpdesk Specialist


Linda Hile
Teen/Adult Specialist

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Ruth James-Dickens
Teen/Adult Specialist


Michelle Mejia
Helpdesk Coordinator, Outreach and Multilingual Support

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