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References & Resources


( ☆ indicates highly recommended)

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( ☆ indicates highly recommended)

For Parents
☆ Batts, Brenda. (2010). Ready, Set, Potty!. Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Philadelphia, PA. (Focuses on children with autism and other developmental issues)

Coucouvanis, Judith. The Potty Journey. (Emphasis on training children with special needs including autism)

The Sandbox Learning Company. (2013). iCan Toilet Training Program. (a comprehensive toilet training app for iPhone and iPad that provides the key elements for successful toilet training including two schedule options)

☆ Wheeler, Maria (2007). Toilet Training for Individuals with Autism or Other Developmental Issues. (Examines multiple methods and toilet training tools)

Zwieback, Meg. Keys To Toilet Training (A pediatric nurse practitioner addresses common toilet training issues)

For Children

  • Elmo’s Potty Time (video)
  • Frankel, A. (2007). Once Upon A Potty.
  • Berger, Samantha (2010). Pirate Potty.
  • Potty Power (video)
  • Publications International Ltd. (2010). Elmo’s Potty Time Play-a-Song Book.
  • Rogers, F. (1997). Going To The Potty.
  • Sesame Street. (2014). P Is For Potty!

(☆ indicates highly recommended)

American Academy of Pediatrics. www.healthychildren.org

Preventa Wear Special Needs Clothing. www.preventawear.com

especial Needs, LLC. www.especialneeds.com. Special needs products, including a self-wipe aid

☆ www.do2learn.com (great resource for picture schedules)

Habit Training Link:

For sample toilet training charts: www.freeprintablebehaviorcharts.com

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