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PART 8. I have been accepted to a college/program! What do I need to do next?

  • Complete your high school year successfully. Being accepted to a college/program does not guarantee admission if you are not able to graduate high school. Stay on top of your high school assignments and preparing for tests.

  • If you have been accepted into more than one college, take time to make a list of how each school ranks with one another in terms of what are priorities for you.

  • Sign up for the college's admitted student visits. Overnight stays, observing classes and talking to more students and professors will help you decide which is the best college for you.

  • Send in an acceptance letter to the school/program of your choice, a deposit, and any other required items. Carefully read your financial aid letter that tells what you are being offered that may be a combination of scholarships that do not need to be paid back and loans that will and what the terms for payment and interest rate are.

  • Begin to plan for the financial needs based on the aid provided by the school.  Meet with a financial aid officer at the college for assistance. Make sure you understand any forms before you sign them.

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