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PART 3: Are you ready for college?

While many students follow a path of starting at community college, university or vocational school the fall after graduating from high school, it is wise to consider whether you have the skills and maturity to be prepared. The growing popularity of gap year programs acknowledges that some students benefit from an additional year of skill building and maturity before starting college. The Indiana Institute of Disability and Community at Indiana University provides this useful guide, Is College for You? Setting Goals and Taking Action.

You have the right to remain a student or receive services in your school district until 22 years old if you qualify. If you are not ready to go directly to college, an option is to continue getting support through your school district and your IEP to take classes at a community college or go away to a readiness program until turning 22. Your school can support those efforts and then you can see if you are ready at a later age to go to college.

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