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Research Study: The Diagnosis Gap between Men and Women

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Hi! My name is Sydney Mascoll and I am currently researching the mechanisms behind the diagnosis gap between males and females when it comes to ASD. I am doing this through my high school’s Science and Technology Research course and have gotten IRB approval to send out my survey to help address this diagnosis gap. It is my hope that I can find volunteers to help me with my research on an issue that affects so many people.Volunteer Qualifications

  • Must have an ASD diagnosis
  • Can be any age or gender
  • Must consent/assent to fill out the

With a total of 16 questions, this anonymous survey covers the categories of:

  • Consent/Minor Assent Questions
  • Profile of Individual with Autism
  • Diagnostic Procedure
  • Leisure (Activities) and Social Contacts

Goals of Survey/Research
With this survey, I hope to find the differences in behavior between males and females with autism in order to highlight the mechanisms behind the diagnosis gap.

A long term goal would be to change the current DSM, or Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, criteria for an ASD diagnosis so that it better outlines ASD in more people, not just in males. This diagnosis gap has left many people without a proper diagnosis or no diagnosis at all, leaving them without important resources that can help them throughout their lives.

Survey Link: https://forms.gle/H33jwvWbjqo1UwFCA

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