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KidsFirst Research Registry

The resources and information in the Milestones Autism Resources Center are meant to be a reference, and should not be considered comprehensive or an endorsement or recommendation of any providers, methodologies or services from any of the groups, agencies or companies listed. We urge you to make independent judgment when selecting a professional to assist you. We provide guiding questions to help you think through what is right for your situation.

Person: Jordan Lane
Phone: 216.368.0112
Agency: ICARE @ Case Western Reserve University
Email: jordan.lane@case.edu
Website: http://kidsfirst.stanford.edu/ICARE

KidsFirst is recruiting parents of children (all ages) diagnosed with autism to enroll in a research registry aimed at identifying similarities across children and establishing behavioral classification to better understand autism. At enrollment, they ask parents to answer a ten-minute survey which will guide future requests for information, such as more targeted follow up questions and possible genetic sampling.

The information you provide will help them translate findings into targeted approaches for therapy, care, and intervention. All information gathered will be strictly confidential, anonymized, and encrypted in our HIPAA-compliant repository.

There is no cost to participate and all correspondence is through the registry, email, and telephone. There are no in-person appointments. The International Center for Autism Research and Education (ICARE) at Case Western Reserve University is partnered with the Hartwell Foundation and Stanford University to establish Northeast Ohio as a site in the KidsFirst Research Registry.

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