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Helpdesk Q&A: Summer Planning 101

Posted on 02/02/18 in Transition to Adulthood by Milestones

Now is the time to set your sights on the summer ahead and to prepare for a change of pace. With the inconsistency in schedule that summer brings, many families with loved ones on the... read more

Helpdesk Q&A: Staying on Track in 2018

Posted on 12/19/17 in Transition to Adulthood by Milestones

As families look to the year ahead, it is natural to ask yourself how you can better ensure a more productive and positive year for your loved one on the spectrum. Teen and Adult Coordinator... read more

Helpdesk Q&A: Holiday Help

Posted on 11/30/17 in Transition to Adulthood by Milestones

Wondering how to get through the holidays? You're not alone. Many families with a loved one on the spectrum feel overwhelmed this time of year and contact Milestones for some extra support. Below, Program Director... read more

Milestones Annual Fund - Molly Mack

Posted on 10/06/17 in Transition to Adulthood by Mia

Molly Mack was at a crossroads. As a parent of a child on the spectrum, she felt like her family had successfully navigated Daniel’s early childhood years thanks to support and local resources. But Daniel’s teenage... read more

Straight From The Source -Tim Mikes

Posted on 09/27/17 in Transition to Adulthood by Mia

“It is often said that if you have met one person with autism you have met one person with autism,” says Tim Mikes, Canfield, Ohio resident and recent Kent State University graduate. “But it’s imperative... read more

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