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Educational Consultant Dr. Paula Kluth Gives Advice To Parents And Teachers

Posted on 08/23/18 in School by Milestones

Ron Sandison interviews Dr. Paula Kluth, consultant, author, advocate and independent consultant What inspired you to study special education in college? My high school started welcoming students with more complex needs when I was a senior. I... read more

Milestones Autism Resources Responds to Handcuffing Incident in Denton, Texas

Posted on 08/21/18 in School by Milestones

Recent body cam footage out of Denton, Texas, has shown a 10-year-old boy with autism being held to the ground by his neck, handcuffed, and dragged by a school resource officer. What can be seen... read more

My Milestones - Could My Child Be on the Autism Spectrum?

Posted on 07/24/18 in School by Milestones

By the age of 2, my sons were not speaking words and sentences the way other children in their preschool groups were. They each showed precocious signs of their intellectual development, such as my older... read more

Ask the Expert - 2018 Keynote, Paula Kluth, PhD

Posted on 07/23/18 in School by Milestones

When it comes to inclusive learning, Paula Kluth is a go-to expert in the education community. As a consultant, advocate, and author/co-author of over 15 books, Paula has a breadth of knowledge on how to... read more

Helpdesk - How to Prepare for Returning to School

Posted on 07/19/18 in School by Milestones

As we approach the end of summer, it is time to start thinking about how to transition back to a school routine. Consider the following strategies when getting your kiddos ready for the new school... read more

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