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Advice for the teachers, therapists and school staff serving autistic children.

Tips for Teachers, Therapists & School Staff

  • Meeting a student for the first time? Suggest that parents prepare by writing a social story and provide them with photos of school or your office to help.
  • Teach social thinking before teaching social performance.
  • Use comic strips and social stories to teach understanding social and language inferences.
  • Teach verbal and nonverbal comments such as head nods, “mmmhmmm” and “Okay.”
  • Use social target phrases such as: “Listen with your whole body,” “Focus on friendly things to do” and “Keep your brain in the group.”
  • Role play, role play, role play!
  • Integrate catching a ball into teaching conversation, turn taking and body language.
  • Teach assertiveness such as claiming your turn if passed over or holding your place in a line. Making choices, asserting preferences. Teach to ask before touching, ask before you clean up everyone’s place or things. Teach politeness/good manners.
  • Role play how to recognize and deal with inappropriate teasing or testing from peers.
  • Focus on “listening” to reduce interrupting.
  • Include neurotypical peers in social lessons.
  • The Organization for Autism Research has useful resources for teachers such as this Educator’s Guide.

The Milestones Helpdesk serves as a helpful resource. We also provide consultations and training for professionals targeted to your needs. The Milestones National Autism Conference features tracks for school teams, teen & adult services professionals, speech language pathologists, occupational therapists and behavioral health professionals.

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