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For Individuals

Milestones provides you with support at each stage, including the teen years, transition to college and social tips. We want to help you reach your goals and be a strong self-advocate. We respect your unique strengths, challenges and needs.

Building Relationships

21 tips for successful socializing for autistic people and 15 rules to stay safe online

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Managing Sensory Issues

As self-advocates, we understand challenges of sensory imbalance. Learning strategies for coping with sensory issues can help us feel our best, be successful in the workplace and find social outlets.

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Preparing for the transition to college starts by 8th grade with a gradual process of learning academic, social and life skills throughout the high school years.

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Individuals with ASD can have meaningful and enjoyable employment opportunities. Your choice of vocational path should be based on your abilities, functionality, interests and needs.

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Self-advocacy & self-determination: how to share your needs and protect your rights. Top 10 tips for becoming your own best advocate and advice for developing advocacy skills from age 14 to adulthood.

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All About ASD

Learn how Autism Spectrum DIsorder (ASD) impacts how each unique person communicates, interacts, behaves and learns. Know the early warning signs of autism. Explore FAQs and behavioral interventions.

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Tool Kits & Guiding Questions

Tool Kits are a great way to to assist with your personal planning and navigation of common challenges, and have been developed in response to some of our most frequently asked questions.

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Resource Center

We feature more than 1,000 educational, therapeutic, medical and recreational resources, with a special focus on resources in Ohio.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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