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For Community at Large

Everyone needs community. You can help an autistic individual or their family. Learn tips for how to support an autistic friend or employee. Find out about volunteering with Milestones.

Interacting with Autistic People

How to communicate, build relationships and rapport with autistic people, including understanding sensory issues. Provides information for both personal and employment settings.

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Tips for Meetings, Social Outings & Events

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Supporting Autistic Employees

Resources to help support autistic employees including the benefits of hiring someone with autism, strategies for making an inclusive workplace and support for hiring and retaining employees.

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Ways to Volunteer

Sign up to volunteer with Milestones and join our mission of improving the quality of life for autistic individuals and their families.

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All About ASD

Learn how Autism Spectrum DIsorder (ASD) impacts how each unique person communicates, interacts, behaves and learns. Know the early warning signs of autism. Explore FAQs and behavioral interventions.

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Tool Kits & Guiding Questions

Tool Kits are a great way to to assist with your personal planning and navigation of common challenges, and have been developed in response to some of our most frequently asked questions.

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Resource Center

We feature more than 1,000 educational, therapeutic, medical and recreational resources, with a special focus on resources in Ohio.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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