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Internships with Milestones

ASD High School Student Internship

The greatest determinant of a teen with a disability becoming successfully employed after high school is work experience before graduating. Milestones strives to provide opportunities for autistic youth to practice needed vocational skills in a naturalistic environment with supports. We do this by offering an internship program throughout the year based on the needs of Milestones and the goals of the youth and their IEP team.

Autistic students who are 14-22 years old and still in high school may apply for this internship position. Youth with higher support needs are given higher consideration since they are often provided fewer opportunities to work in office-based settings. The length of the internship and associated tasks are decided based on the individual student. To secure an internship, the student must participate in either an interview or provide a work portfolio that includes samples of their work, which can include videos of the student doing work-related tasks at home or at school.

If a student needs support during their school day, it is requested that the school provide an aide or job coach. As part of the internship program, Milestones staff can provide additional training for an educational aide surrounding practical interventions for job coaches. Transportation for the student must also be provided by the school of attendance or by the student themselves or their family.

Prior to the internship beginning, a formal learning contract will be written that details the objectives of the internship and what accommodations will be provided.

If a family, school or individual is interested in participating in the Milestones Internship Program please email us.

College Internships

College interns can get a large variety of experiences and growth opportunities at Milestones. Undergraduate students who are seeking an internship are encouraged to apply for an internship within the department that corresponds to their educational field. The length of time of the internship and the tasks assigned are based on the individual needs of the student applying and of Milestones.

Educational fields accepted with corresponding departments are listed below. Examples of possible responsibilities and tasks are provided as well but can be adjusted based on the individual student:

Psychology, family development, human studies and social work students intern with the Program Department:

  • Helpdesk support, assistance with private family and agency consultations, help with preparation for training, general support for year-round conference planning, attendance at community and agency events.
  • If interested in an internship within the Program Department, please email us.

Graduate Internships

Milestones works closely with graduate schools of social work and is proud to offer opportunities for students interested in developmental disabilities, community and social development and to complete their field education hours. Social work graduate students work within the Program Department and under the supervision of a masters’ level supervisor. The length of the internship is based on the needs of the student’s educational program.

Tasks are assigned after the completion of a learning contract based on the standards of the student’s college of attendance. Interns typically work with the Milestones Helpdesk, assist and then take leadership in private consultation cases, support year-round conference planning, update and create additional content for our website and resource center, prepare for and attend trainings, attend and participate in community and agency events and other tasks as needed by Milestones and required by the educational program. All graduate interns have become fully employed in their field upon completion of their degree and internship.

College and graduate students who are interested in interning with Milestones Autism Resources should email us.

*Please note: Milestones does not provide direct services to autistic individuals.

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