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The Milestones Self-Advocate Social Group is now the Northeast Ohio Neurodivergent Social Group!

For the past four years, Milestones Autism Resources has worked in tandem with autistic adults to create a space for neurodivergent individuals to socialize, while simultaneously building leadership skills within their community. The overarching goal of this effort was to create an autistically led community that would grow and thrive within Northeast Ohio. Funding for this effort was provided by the Department of Developmental Disabilities - Ohio Family Network.

Today, Milestones Autism Resources is proud to announce that as of January 3, 2024 the Northeast Ohio Neurodivergent Social Group, formerly known as the Milestones Neurodivergent Social Group, will transition from being operated by Milestones to being operated by members of the neurodivergent community for the neurodivergent community under the leadership of Chris Beason and his fellow team members. 

For more information or to register for this community, contact them through email.

The shift of leadership brings a significant change that everyone needs to be aware of. The Discord server will not be monitored by Milestones staff nor anyone in an official mental health capacity. We are community members coming together to socialize and support each other as friends and equals. The contact information for seeking outside support for both emergency and non-emergency situations, as well as an updated list of group rules, can be found in the #Rules-and-Community-Safety channel within the Discord server. 

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