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Professional Consultation & Training

Hire our Training Team to conduct culturally competent, trauma informed trainings for first responders, hospital workers, medical students, adult providers, front facing customer service employees and more, on a wide variety of customizable topics based on the latest research-backed practices and information.

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If you are experiencing a behavioral crisis, please reach out to your local county board of developmental disabilities.

Are these priorities for you?

Health System Leaders and Healthcare Professionals. How do you best serve the needs of autistic patients and families while appropriately handling challenging behaviors?

College Leaders, Administrators and Disability Offices. How do you strengthen your services and supports for your autistic students, staff and faculty to make them successful?

Private Schools and Charters. How do you develop vocational and transition services to help your students and their families plan for their postsecondary life?

Public Facing Organizations such as museums, zoos and theaters. How do you best provide a welcoming, inclusive environment for the whole community that also helps increase attendance and engagement?

Public and Private First Responders such as campus or health system public safety forces to handle interactions with autistic people appropriately. How do you safely assess whether someone might have ASD? How do you handle a situation appropriately without unnecessary escalation?

Adult Providers such as adult day services, residential and employment agencies. Do you have staff who could benefit from more effective autism spectrum education, strategies and supports to successfully work with your autistic clients or consumers?

Here’s How We Can Help

Examples of consultations and training provided:

  • Developing new policies and strategies for dealing with and reducing challenging behaviors of patients, clients, or students.
  • Developing self-advocacy and independent living skills.
  • Creating supports and strategies for autistic employees.
  • Training and coaching for organizations that hire autistic individuals.
  • Sharing best practices for successful medical visits or inpatient experiences.
  • Helping college disability and career offices support students in finding employment.
  • Handling common challenges and offering practical strategies for first responders when interacting with autistic people.
  • Assisting adult day providers with community engagement.

To Find Out More and Get Started

Professional training and consultations are a fee-based service. Travel outside of Cuyahoga County is charged based on our fee rate.

For more information or to discuss your professional consultation or training goals, please complete our online Intake Form.

Milestones has provided consultations and/or training to:

  • Case Western Reserve University
  • Cuyahoga County first responders and FBI
  • Coshocton County Board of Developmental Disabilities
  • Jewish Federation of Cleveland
  • Ohio Association of Pupil Services Directors
  • University Hospitals
  • Ursuline College
  • and more!

Success Stories

“The training that Milestones...provided for us was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had in my professional career. [They] went above and beyond in giving our staff the tools and resources to be able to deliver the safest, most effective care possible. I still remember after the first training session, one of our nurses returned to the unit and immediately put her new-found skills to use with the utmost confidence within minutes. Our nurses and support staff are the most wonderful and compassionate people I know, and Milestones helped elevate their skillset to the next level.” - Kelly Bramson, Manager of Patient Experience, University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center
“Having participant families from Milestones to share their stories with medical students is an invaluable contribution to their understanding of a specific patient population. It puts a human face on what they are learning in their basic sciences as well as learning effective ways of interacting with a diverse population of patients. First year medical students always evaluate this seminar very highly in our Foundations of Clinical Medicine seminars.” - Kathy Cole-Kelly, MS, MSW, Co-Director, Foundations of Clinical Medicine Seminars, and Professor, Family Medicine, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
"If you are an employer, I encourage you to consider hiring a person with autism. Milestones helps prospective employers and employees find each other and create a work environment where everyone grows and succeeds. It is a true win-win situation for everyone. Milestones staff ensured that I was well prepared, meeting with me and others who would be working directly with our intern with ASD prior to his starting to answer questions and offer best practices for working with someone on the spectrum. During the internship, Milestones staff visited the office weekly, checking in to see that things were running smoothly and to address any issues. It was so fulfilling to see the tremendous personal and professional growth in our intern. I felt myself grow as well, helping me to become a better supervisor and mentor." - Debbie Yasinow, Director of Cleveland Israel Arts Connection, Jewish Federation of Cleveland

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