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Autism Insurance Reform - Navigating HB 463

Posted on 03/29/17 in Health by Milestones

Good news for families whose insurance has denied coverage of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services in the past. New state legislation, House Bill 463 (signed into law by Governor Kasich on January 4, 2017), will require... read more

My Milestones: The Irvin Family

Posted on 03/23/17 in Supporting the Mission by Milestones

Our autism journey began during a routine checkup when our son Miles was 3 ½ years old. When the exam was over, and Miles looked good and healthy, the doctor asked if we had any concerns.... read more

My Milestones: The Gonick Family

Posted on 02/27/17 in Supporting the Mission by Milestones

Lev Gonick knows it takes an entire community to raise a child. “When we arrived in Cleveland we had a chance to meet some amazing, amazing folks,” he says. “We are so incredibly lucky. Of... read more

Ask the Expert: Medication and Autism (No One-Size-Fits All)

Posted on 02/15/17 in Health by Steven Wexberg, MD

What are the most common types of medications used to treat autism? How do I know which one is the right fit for my child? Currently, there are no medications which treat underlying causes of... read more

Jewish Disability Advocacy Day: The Milestones Team Visits Washington, D.C.!

Posted on 02/02/17 in Advocacy by Milestones

Our team is currently spending time on Capitol Hill representing Northeast Ohio, connecting with the national #ASD community & making our voices heard. We're even lucky enough to spend time in private meetings today with... read more

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