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Milestones 2017 Honoree Grace Blatt

Posted on 05/19/17 in Milestones Conference by Milestones

Grace Blatt, Milestones 2017 honoree of the Trailblazer Award, knows from personal experience that music can be both therapeutic and stimulating for persons on the autism spectrum. Her mission is to touch the lives of... read more

Ask the Expert: Sex Ed During Early Childhood and the Teenage Years

Posted on 05/18/17 in Health by Cara Daily

As a parent, I want to help my child to have a healthy understanding of his sexuality. What is the best way to approach the subject during early childhood and later during the teenage years? Most... read more

Ask the Expert: Navigating a STABLE Account and How to Use It

Posted on 05/04/17 in Funding, Benefits and the Law by Amanda Buzo, Esq.

What is a STABLE Account and how do I know if I’m eligible? How can I use the money in my STABLE Account? STABLE stands for State Treasury ABLE. It is an account for individuals with... read more

My Milestones - The Gedeon Family

Posted on 04/25/17 in Supporting the Mission by Milestones

I want to start out the story by focusing on present day. A flash forward of sorts. We are the lucky parents of a wonderful 12-year-old girl. She enjoys her adapted dance class, ice skating, playing... read more

Strike It Big for Milestones - THANK YOU!

Posted on 04/24/17 in Strike It Big for Milestones by Milestones

A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in our 5th Annual Strike It Big for Milestones Bowling Extravaganza yesterday at Buckeye Lanes in North Olmsted and Freeway Lanes in Solon. It was a wonderful turnout... read more

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