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My Milestones - Strike It Big Co-Chair Brian Taylor

Posted on 02/26/19 in Supporting the Mission by Milestones

My Milestones - Strike It Big Co-Chair Brian Taylor
My Milestones - Strike It Big Co-Chair Brian Taylor

Upon moving to Ohio, Brian Taylor knew he wanted to get involved with a nonprofit in the local community. When his employer Sherwin Williams connected him with Milestones Autism Resources, he found a cause he was passionate about and the outlet he was searching for that would allow him to give back.

Fast forward to the present: Brian is now in his second year of serving as a Milestones Strike It Big co-chair. This position goes far beyond standard volunteering, involving heavy involvement with the planning of one of the organization’s largest events of the year (the autism-friendly bowling event engaged 17 sponsors and more than 400 bowlers in 2018). In this role, Brian provides guidance and support to staff and committee members as Milestones works toward hosting an incredible event and raising money for the Milestones free autism Helpdesk.

“My ultimate goal throughout this whole experience is to help our team exceed the goals we’ve set,” Brian says. “We have so many great people serving on our committees and I am truly honored to be able to work with each one of them.”

So what drew Brian to get involved with Strike It Big in particular? The community element.

“In addition to helping raise money for such a crucial service, this event is so much fun for all participants,” Brian says. "Families who attend can expect an autism-friendly and fun atmosphere. You come and immediately create a personal connection with other families in the autism community, as well as the Milestones team and sponsors who are making it all happen.”

On March 10 at Spins Bowl in Independence, the organization looks forward to presenting its 7th annual Strike It Big event. The family-friendly afternoon will have a variety of exciting activities for attendees of all ages, such as bowling (of course), face-painting, complimentary lunch and a raffle with prizes from vendors across the area.

With the event almost here, Brian encourages registered teams to make one final push with their donations to the event.

“Let people know why you’re doing this and why it matters to you!” Brian says. “Celebrate every contribution to this great cause and let everyone know that it’s their support that really makes all the difference!”

Want to be a part of the fun? Join us March 10 at Spins Bowl to support a great cause! Participants can register here or come as a walk-in.

Have a question about attending or creating a team? Give Milestones a call at 216.464.7600 ext. 113.

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