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My Milestones: 2017 Benefit Honoree

Posted on 09/18/17 in Transition to Adulthood by Mia

My Milestones: 2017 Benefit Honoree

Adam Berebitsky, Milestones 2017 Benefit Honoree, is not a sidelines kind of person. Especially when it comes to causes he believes in. The Solon resident and father of two has been an active participant of Milestones board since 2011, serving in various roles ranging from Board Member to Vice Chair and currently as Chairman.

During his tenure, Berebitsky has seen the organization grow and increase awareness within the community, and beyond. “Looking back, we’ve come a long way and it’s very exciting where we are going,” he says.

Adam wants the community to know that Milestones provides a family atmosphere, one that is knowledgeable about the challenges families are going through. “You are not alone,” he says. “We have a small staff but a staff that really cares about you and your family member.”

Tell us about your involvement with Milestones.

I’ve known co-founder Ilana (Hoffer Skoff) for many years and was aware of the organization and what she and (co-founder) Mia were doing.

I’ve served as board president at Milestones for the past three years and was asked to continue on for a fourth year. Well, my main job is getting the awareness of what our organization provides to the community. First and foremost, this is very important. We have grown over my tenure and created diversity in the board. We have great people on the development committee and the finance committee who help the organization achieve its goals. We continue to improve on our digital platforms - driving people to our services via the website and social media outlets. This has increased the awareness of Milestones over the last few years.

Tell us about yourself. Are you from Northeast Ohio?

I’m originally from South Bend, Indiana. I moved to Cleveland in 1988 with my wife, Stacey, whom I met at Indiana University (she is originally from Beachwood). We have two children. Our daughter, Lindsey, is 24 and lives in Chicago and works as a guidance counselor. Our son, Corey, is 21 and is a senior at Indiana University, studying management information systems. I am currently National Restaurant Lead and Tax Partner at BDO Cleveland.

How have you personally been affected by your affiliation with Milestones? Do you have a personal connection to autism?

Though I don’t have a personal connection to autism, I do have co-workers, friends and acquaintances with children on the spectrum. I have seen the importance of them being connected to a resource like Milestones just when they feel they are not sure what to do next to help their child. What I love about Milestones and why I got involved is because it’s more of a grassroots organization. It’s still a small organization compared to many others out there. There’s that personal touch.

How do you think Milestones has impacted the community over the years?

We have improved awareness immensely. Many parents, especially those who are looking for resources for children on the spectrum have been able to find resources through our organization. Plus, we have an amazing staff. Our program director, Beth Thompson, is top notch for example. The leaders of the organization have personal experiences with their own children on the spectrum, they understand what parents are looking for.

Recently, our focus has been that bridge for children to teens to adulthood; we have a done a good job in helping these young adults get the resources and support they need. We are helping them to take that next step, to help them achieve and reach their potential through education and job skills training. That is where I don’t think any other organization in Northeast Ohio, and maybe even in the country, provides such service to the autism community. We are lucky to have that.

What is the most important thing you’d like a friend, relative or neighbor to know about Milestones?

Our staff has been working with people in the community who are facing situations similar to those you are dealing with. It is important that you share those issues and questions with others who have gone before you. We offer this sort of family atmosphere; we’re here for you. We’ll be responsive to your needs, and we will go to the Nth degree to find solutions to any questions, problems and needs that you have.

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