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Milestones 2017 Honoree Lucas Estafanous - Personal Achievement

Posted on 05/31/17 in Employment by Mia

For Lucas Estafanous, 18, Milestones 2017 honoree of the Personal Achievement Award, the sky’s the limit. Though as a young child he was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and later, at age 13, diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, Lucas, with the help and support of his family and the Milestones community, pushed forward to pursue his passion - mathematics.

The Orange High School senior is known by his math teachers and peers as a skilled test taker. He is admired for his ability to solve complex equations with finesse. Which is why, this fall, Lucas will attend Case Western Reserve University where he will major in mathematics.

“It felt really good when I got my acceptance letter,” he says. “College will be a really cool experience.”

In addition to this major accomplishment, Lucas has been an intern at Milestones for the past two years. During his internship, Lucas has learned hard and soft employment skills. Milestones has benefitted greatly from his ability to successfully complete a wide variety of tasks in a busy office environment.

When Lucas is not hitting the books or interning, he enjoys hobbies including tennis and a variety of activities on his computer (he says he hates when people generalize video games in conversation).

How do you feel your efforts have impacted the autism and special needs community?

I feel like I have changed the way that people view autism. They may have not been educated on how wide of a spectrum autism covers, and I hope meeting me has opened their eyes a little bit.

How has helping others shaped your life?

Every time I change someone’s perspective on ASD I feel like I've made one more step in the right direction.

What is your message to inspire others to serve the autism and special needs community?

I want to show people that not all people with autism are the same. That sometimes a person on the spectrum will have more in common with their neuro-typical friend than another person with ASD.

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