2021 Milestones National Autism Conference
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We’re putting a little spin on our spring event this year...

In place of our annual (not COVID-friendly) bowling event, Milestones is enabling participants to create their own personalized fundraising experience this spring. Get involved from wherever you are, doing whatever you choose to support Milestones’ core programs.

Showcase your unique strengths or interests with a completely customized fundraiser!

Step 1: Choose your activity.

Step 2: Register and customize your personal page

Step 3: Start your challenge and share your progress (Tell your friends and raise donations and support the local autism community!)



Get off the couch and set a goal! Want to run a 10k? Hike a new park each weekend? Hit a push-up PR for the month? Pick your exercise and time commitment of your choice!



Are you the artsy type? Pledge to create a one-of-a-kind postcard or drawing for each person who donates to your page or write a special short story each week for your supporters to follow along!



Pledge to journal, color or meditate and share weekly reflections with your community.


Fun & Games

“Sell tickets” to a virtual game night with friends, organize a socially distanced scavenger hunt, or post a video of you learning a new dance each time you hit another donation goal.


Create Your Own

Bake special treats, sell custom t-shirts, start a birthday or tribute fundraiser.. Whatever your heart desires! Strike It Big Your Way is all about sharing your unique strengths and goals with the Milestones community. Here are some more ideas.

Milestones wants to see you Strike It Big Your Way! Use the hashtag #StrikeItBigYourWay to share what you’re up to and inspire others to get involved.

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Need assistance? Let Milestones be your local guide.

Unsure of where to start? Call our free Helpdesk with your questions, and we will do the research for you!

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