Milestones Annual Benefit 2019 - October 26, 2019
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The Milestones H.O.M.E. (Housing Options Mixer & Exhibit) Event
This event offered an array of existing and emerging housing models and options for individuals with ASD through a double-session format.

C-12 Housing Options Mixer & Exhibit (H.O.M.E) Part 1: Home Wasn't Built in a Day: Navigating Residential Services
This session will provide an overview of housing models available for adults with ASD. A brief history of residential options and significant federal rulings and how they impacted options will be discussed. Traditional housing models such as group homes will be reviewed, as well as new creative models that are currently being created and fostered. Participants will learn about funding strategies and options for meeting the financial needs of the types of housing most appropriate for adults of different severity levels. Resources will be provided for families to plan for the "forever home" for their adult children with ASD. 

D-12 Housing Options Mixer & Exhibit (H.O.M.E) Part 2: Connecting to Housing Models
Parents, caregivers and self-advocates who have successfully transitioned into housing outside of the family home will give a brief overview of each of the routes they chose and what kind of supports were needed for themselves or their loved one. Panelists will then divide into different sections to allow attendees to learn more from an in-depth talk with the individuals who have completed this step in the ultimate transition to adulthood. Attendees will network with other parents and self-advocates looking for similar options for housing and connect to families who can provide their lived experiences and help them navigate the common challenges and issues that arise when planning for the “forever home” for an adult with ASD. 

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