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Many Benefits to Hiring Employees with Autism: Letter to the Editor

Posted July 15, 2015 in Articles

I would like to applaud The Plain Dealer for its publication of the article, "Companies find autistic workers have valuable skills." The article highlighted the unique talents of individuals on the autism spectrum and the companies benefiting from those strengths by intentionally recruiting and hiring adults with autism.

While the federal government has made an initiative to encourage businesses with government contracts to hire adults with disabilities, the overall benefits of hiring employees with autism spectrum disorder is beautifully shown in this article.

Many individuals on the autism spectrum have significant strengths; research does prove they do improve the general work environment, production and innovation at companies that hire them, and provide appropriate training to co-workers and accommodations to staff, as is clearly pointed out in the article.

In Ohio, the two agencies in charge of helping people with disabilities find and maintaining employment are the Department of Developmental Disabilities, which is broken down by county for services, and Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities, which serves regions. Both agencies can help individuals with autism spectrum disorder to prepare, find and keep successful employment. Families or individuals interested in learning more can contact Milestones Autism Resources at milestones.org.

Beth Thompson, MSSA, LSW,


Thompson is Teen/Adult Services Manager at Milestones Autism Resources.

Original Article: http://blog.cleveland.com/letters/2015/07/autism_letter_to_the_editor_2.html

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