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Community Relations and Diversity Manager

Job / Posted November 16, 2021

Milestones Autism Resources is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of autistic individuals, families, caregivers and professionals by educating, coaching, and connecting them to trusted resources.

We offer candidates the chance to make an immediate impact as part of an engaged, passionate team that presents an annual regional conference for 1,200, curates a website of over 1,000 resources, provides a free helpdesk, and offers consultation services and trainings.

Job Impact:

  • Be part of mission driven organization: Improving the lives of autistic individuals
  • Help to change the trajectory for autistic individuals by helping them reach their full potential
  • Support outcomes toward independence in home, school and community

Position Summary:

Responsible for strategically cultivating and sustaining relationships with diverse community stakeholders to increase awareness and utilization of programs and services by a broad spectrum of the community in support of the mission and vision of Milestones Autism Resources. Manager will work within a team structure, with the goal of more effectively reaching out to, partnering with, and serving all people in the autism community.

Major Areas of Responsibility:

  • Implement a comprehensive outreach strategy for diverse communities (particularly African American/Black, Hispanic/Latino/a, etc.), including collaborative partners
    • Implement a strategy to incorporate diversity, equity and inclusion across Milestones communication vehicles and community relations
    • Utilize data and market research (i.e. Surveying community members, leading focus groups, etc.)
    • Ensure distribution of Milestones materials, to educate and inform target populations
    • Conduct autism-awareness informational sessions in community settings in order to reduce barriers to access
    • Mentor and provide support materials to other staff to be able to present autism awareness and unconscious bias educational sessions
    • Staff liaison to Diversity Taskforce
  • Develop strong relationships and partnerships with local and national organizations across diverse communities.
    • Cultivate and sustain relationships to ensure diverse communities are accessing Milestones services
    • Act as Milestones ambassador to community
    • Assess barriers to accessing Milestones services and work collaboratively with staff to address
    • Pursue community partnerships and professional memberships (i.e. Local boards/committees, chamber of commerce, national associations etc.) for staff to represent and promote Milestones programs and services.
    • Other Duties as specified

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